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Look, we get it! We're a small business trying to figure it all out too. We've tried and we've failed, but those who fight and run and away live to fight another day! All kidding aside, we've learned a thing or two about Digital and Sales is in our DNA. Our "Ah ha" moment is when we can help, when information is gathered, a plan comes together and there's that excitement and energy, a new focus with purpose and direction.

Started on social media as @TmanSpeaks, Technology Influencer, Thought Leader, and Sales Specialist, Tony Flath started TmanSpeaks Ltd. to help businesses accelerate their digital approach and sales. There are all kinds of great tools out there and the old ways aren't working, change is constant. The exciting thing that we bring to the table, is how to talk about AI and becoming more Digital and not feel like, how do you talk about that too, wow! look at us now, a new strategy, a new sales focus, and even embracing new AI-enabled digital tools! The net result, we want to help and we want to see you get more Sales with a new focus and strategy!

As an Affiliate Partner of Stategystorming we eat Strategy for breakfast, literally, it was the insights we gained that brought us here and we want to share that journey and that success with you! We also bring Sales Success for 20-plus years including Human Capital Management, Technology & Cloud, and Telecommunications. We have our eye on Emerging Technologies as a Technology Thought Leader on Cloud, Big Data, and AI. We have the "Lab Coats" on and are testing the Web3 waters, more to come.

We love helping businesses create, achieve strategy and sales goals, and further embrace digital. Our process is designed to empower your company and embrace digital business with the sales and marketing strategy needed to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your sales growth, build your digital plan, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

Our Analytical Approach Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps, opportunities, and results. Our individualized plans are made up of quality services that will help you achieve your goals.

Industry Wide Success We work with a large number of clients from various industries including Professional Services, Consultancies, Technology Providers, Service Providers, and Engineering & Design.



What's your Strategy? Or like many small businesses does the word just scare you!? Do you have questions about your current plan? Might it be time for a new direction? There has been so much change in the last three years it's hard to keep up! Between drastic market change, rapidly changing technology, and a workforce, who if not engaged will walk out, it's tough to navigate it all! It's easy to not know what direction to take or to be bogged down with just getting through it all. Now is a great time to re-focus. With so much market change and rapid technology advancement it's a good time to do some Blue Sky Thinking.

Strategystorming is the artfulness of business and how we craft better strategy. It's business strategy, but with a re-invention edge, a built-in competitive advantage. It's how to craft and execute exceptional strategies for increasing growth & profit. Strategystorming worked for us, so well we became an Affliate Partner of covering North America!! TmanSpeaks Lt'd. is proud to be working on full certification and will be offering more courses and consulting in the near future so please keep coming back for updates! That doesn't mean there's not awesomeness available to you today. Just click the enroll button below to start on a whole new Strategy Journey. Courses avalable with limited seating. Enroll today!

Digital Sales

Get the pulse of where you're at from a crucial Sales lens with a focus on how Digital is being used to accelerate and streamline your sales. Sales and Digital focus are more important than ever and having your message out there digitally is very important so you can get to your customers, we all like customers!

We'll start with what sales focused strategies and processes you have in place today, how do you get the deal done! We'll review the solutions you utilize to manage your sales and how your are using Social Media in your Sales & Marketing plan of attack. We'll look at what opportunites there are for you to create and craft your winning sales plan, and decide what technology makes sense to best support sales efforts or refinements of your current sales efforts would be most effective.

We would start with:

  1. Discovery or 'Exploration' phase to map out current Sales & Marketing process, what's important, what's working, what's not, we document and detail and provide a report with the 'Currrent State of Union!' , then;
  2. Progress into the 'Expedition' phase with details of options to streamline processes, build a winning sales plan, further embrace digtial for sales and marketing efforts, testing & experimenting, then;
  3. Help you get ready to 'Execute' and roll-out your new Digtial Sales Plan with some new ways of thinking and tools to monitor and track success.

Every business needs a sound sales and marketing plan in order to survive. Starting from an understanding of your target sales, we will develop a plan with easy-to-follow steps.
Digital can be a scary word to small businesses. Where to start? Is it secure? What does an all-out digital assault entail? Well, don't worry, we've done the work and the research, and we've got your back! Time to get Digital!

What the Digital!

Make Cloud your BFF

Cloud Computing had been growing rapidly before the Global Pandemic. It accelerated rapidly through the Pandemic and there are many more SaaS applications available to not only large corporations but small and medium sized business too. Cloud has numerous advantages, if you have questions just message us or schedule a no charge inital call where we'd be glad to share the value of cloud applications for your business.

AI is for Small Businesses

The advancement of PC processing capability, data storage, and ISP data transfer has enabled technology to catch up to Artifical Intelligence capabilites. AI has become a great advantage on a number of levels but there is a big miss between understanding the need for human plus AI in order to be successful. We love talking AI and where there are opportunites for business. If you have questions just message us or schedule a no charge inital meeting.

What the Web 3.0

Putting our business where our mouth is will always be important. That’s why we’ve got our "Lab Coats" on and we are investigating Web 3.0 and how it relates to business and where there are business opportunites in this volatile market. Stay tuned in for more or check out one of our TitterSpaces or LinkedIn Live chats. As we are building our knowlege base we will be looking for brave companies to join our expedition!


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