Frequently Asked Questions

Our company already has a Vision and Mission Statement, how will a focused vision on Strategy change anything?

Business cycles have rapidly changed over the last few years. The Global Pandemic accelerated digital transformation and emerging technologies like intelligent cloud, advanced cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence have created both opportunity and concern. Having a 3-year focused strategy sprint that focuses on digital opportunity and enhanced security can leapfrog you ahead of your competition!

Sales plans are good for large businesses but how do they work for small businesses?

Some kind of Sales Plan is better than nothing! There are more "Big Platform" digital sales tools available to "Small Players" today than ever, and this is only being accelerated with Web3.

Cloud Computing, AI, and Social Media Marketing are more focused on large business, how can a small business afford or benefit from these services?

What most small businesses don't realize is that there are many emerging technologies readily available and affordable.