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Founding Member of Keen Circle

Tony Flath, President of TmanSpeaks Ltd. is honoured to be a Keen Circle Founding Member! After years of curiousity, research, education and thought leadership, Tony is elated to come 'full circle' and be part of this exciting launch! A great Expedition awaits with the excitement of being part of building a community and voice for Web3 as it relates to businesses.

📲 What is Keen Circle?

Keen Circle is an NFT-powered exclusive community of CMOs, VPs, Entrepreneurs, Investors & Thought Leaders in Barcelona, New York, Mexico City, and Dubai to create business opportunities, networking, and fast-track education around Web3 & AI.

Keen Circle's mission is to offer a fast-track program and global community powered by NFT, to access information and networking to become educated at Web3 and have access to business opportunities in an easy and exclusive way.

Strategystorming - The Blue Sky Strategy Grand Opening

Tony Flath, President of TmanSpeaks Ltd. was lucky enought to kick start a 14 hour live event to promote the Grand Opening of online strategy shop! Tony shares his experience using the Strategystorming techniques to better define Strategy & Focus and plotting a new company direction.

It's an unmatched experience where businesses, consultants & trainers can find unparalleled & unrivaled strategic thinking, strategy tools, training & certifications... as well as a few 'fun' things for brainstorming and strategic training environments. There's a Lab Coat, yeah that serious! You'll find tools and strategic thinking that you have never seen before.
It's strategic clarity & certainty to help you know how to craft a better strategy, and use strategic & tactical tools for profitable growth and a superior ROI by leveraging the power of your brand.

Bridge The Digital Gap

Global Digital Transformation Study hosted by The Keenfolks, HQ Barcelona, Spain

"Bridge The Digital Gap" is here to advise on successful business transformation, covering five different areas; Digital Transfomation, Customer Experience, Social Media, Big Data & AI, and MarTech. The Study is based on the knowledge and expertise of thought leaders, authors, and hightly successful business professionals. "Bridge The Digital Gap" is here to challege digital uncertainty and improve business results. Tony Flath, President of TmanSpeaks Ltd. is fortunate to be contributing to the Study.

Technology Blogger - NUADOX

Tony Flath speaks on the evolution of cloud computing

Phil Siarri, Canada-based Technology Blogger interviews Canada-based Tech Influencer, Tony Flath on the evolution of cloud computing, the intelligent cloud, and how AI is making waves.

Interview with Tony Flath

Onalytica interviews Tony Flath as a highlighed Influencer

Representing Cloud & Analytics as a Thought Leader and Technology Influencer for Cloud & AI, Tony Flath was interviewed by Onalytica's Isabel Pereira on his experiences in the technology influencer world, insights gained, and brands worked with.